Choosing Hamilton

Wendy Schneider
Hamilton Jewish News
November 2010

Melinda and Sari Richter

Melinda Richter never could have imagined that at the age of 28,  she would be moving back to Hamilton and actually be excited about it. Her story, up to this point, was not atypical:  Suburban (she grew up in A…

Avi and Baila Vaturi

The cast: Avi (33), Baila (31), Esmeralda (9), Moshe (7), Rachel (2) and Yonah (2)


In Hamilton:
The Vaturis moved to Hamilton in Sept. 2012 from London, Ontario. Originally from Toronto, the Vaturis lived in London for three years while Avi was attending law school at Western University…

Eric and Jodie Waxman

The cast: 

Eric (39), Jodie 40), Madelyn (10), Emma (8) and Olivia (5 ).

The Home: 
an attractive home on a quiet street in Dundas.

In Hamilton:
Both Eric and Jodie grew up in the Hamilton area. They met through mutual friends while studying at different universities and dated for nin…

The Berlin-Bromsteins

The Cast:

Samantha, Mike, Reese (13) and Regan (11), plus two maltese poodles and six cats.

In Hamilton: 
Born in England, Samantha moved to Dundas at the age of 9. Mike was born and raised in Dundas.

Mike works in sales and marketing in the apartment industry. Samantha …

A doctor looks back

The audience of 600 rose as one to give a standing ovation to Dr. Harry Hotz, 93, as he concluded his remarks to the University of Toronto medical school’s graduating class of 2014 on June 2. Speaking on behalf of the class of ‘44, Hotz offered a retrospective on the days of Jewish…