Compassion without borders

When local artist/art educator Becky Katz was asked to organize an art camp for Syrian refugee children this summer, she could think of no one better to run it than her cousin.

Best of Jewish Hamilton: B'nai Brith mixed bowling league

The HJN profiles the B'nai Brith Mixed Bowling League in its new Best of Jewish Hamilton series.

One of a kind: Paul Hanover

When Paul Hanover reflects on his storied career as a radio and television personality, he modestly attributes his success to being in the right place at the right time.

One of a kind: Ora Markstein

The beautiful stone carvings on display in Ora Markstein’s Shalom Village apartment could just as easily grace the rooms of the world’s most prestigious galleries. The work of her own hand, Markstein’s pieces represent the universal human experiences of pain, loss, love, and spiritual renewal.

One of a kind: Rabbi Bernard Baskin

Unquestionably the most famous Jewish Hamiltonian, Rabbi Bernard Baskin, at an unbelievable 95 years of age, is as articulate and sharp-witted as he was during his 60-year rabbinical career.