A High Holiday story

A true high holiday story and delicious recipe in loving memory of my wonderful talented gourmet parents, Shirley Cohen (1936-1990) and Saul Cohen (1929-2012) of Hamilton Kosher.

Ode to my father

Nobody at Beth Jacob Synagogue knew about the Datsun sports car or the Volvos that he owned, when they were so rare that owners waved at each other on the streets. His Bene Israel community in Toronto didn’t know he played the bongos and the wood flute.

In search of dog and home

The dog I knew best, if not quite the best dog I’ve known, was a scoundrel named Toby. I use the term “scoundrel” with affection, but also as an honest description.

Lives Remembered: Jack Katz

It didn’t matter who you were or what your position, my dad would take the time to chat and to offer help if requested. He was the personification of love. He would strike up a conversation, smile and take an interest in what was going on in your life.

Living in an alternate history in the age of Trump

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, an electoral bend sinister took place. Donald Trump won the American presidency in defiance of polls and pundits.