The healing power of forgiveness

Lester Krames's mindfulness column on the healing power of forgiveness.

From Hamilton to Selma

Fifty years ago last March, an idealistic young rabbi reached out to five other Hamilton clergymen to join him in Selma to march alongside Martin Luther King Jr.

The Charlie Hebdo murders and freedom of speech

Canada Research Chair in International Human Rights weighs in on the Charlie Hebdo murders.

Childhood friend recalls last days with Anne Frank

Through some coincidences, I learned that a relative, Nanette, was one of Anne Frank’s friends! I emailed Nanette, and sent the link to my English cousins. Nanette wrote that her mother and my paternal grandmother were cousins, and that Nanette and I are second cousins.

My Jewish Hamilton

The kibitzing was only a prelude for what can best be described as the “Field of Screams” down at Churchill Park, where much of the community descended upon sandy, sometimes muddy fields for Sunday morning baseball.