Rediscovering Camp Ramah

As an alum of Ramah and a parent with young children who will shortly be of camp age, I can’t help but ask myself the question … where have all of the Hamilton campers gone?

Chava Rosenfarb's Tree of Life

Chava Rosenfarb was one of the great Yiddish writers of the second half of the 20th century. The Tree of Life is her three-volume novel about the Lodz ghetto, based on her own experiences of incarceration in that ghetto.

Wandering Aramean 2.0

Jacob went down to Egypt because famine was severe in the land of Canaan, whereas I went down to Boston for work, but still I feel I’m carrying on a tradition.

Na'amat Hamilton celebrates 35 years

Na'amat Hamilton honours its long-time members at its 35th anniversary meeting.