Dispelling urban health myths

Influenced by social media, the media at large or lay “health experts” perpetuating urban health myths, many people are misinformed about issues that directly affect their health.

A personal reflection on Let’s Talk Day

We need to talk about how mental illness impacts us all, given that statistics show one in five of us will suffer from mental illness and, fearing judgment and rejection, two-thirds of those will struggle in silence.

Kehila: a personal plea

All four of my daughters attended Kehila JCDS. The youngest is currently a student in Grade 4. While it is my deepest hope that she graduate from Kehila, like her sisters, that may not be possible.

Origins of the digital edition

Digital Content Editor of the Hamilton Jewish News, Ben Shragge, introduces himself to our readership.

The horses of Sable Island

Since being declared Canada’s newest national park, this fabled island is more accessible than ever.