My grandmother's diary

After the Holocaust, my grandmother, then about 14 years old, was asked by her principal to write all that had happened to her and her family.

My journey to self-publishing

About a year after she died, I began writing vignettes concerning my child. Never having written creatively before, the process of composing stories which were connected to my daughter and my relationship with her, grew into a satisfying activity and a rewarding outlet for my grief.

A pox on both our houses

In time, a vaccine for COVID-19 will be developed. A vaccine for fear-mongering and mass hysteria, on the other hand, will only be available in the world to come.

High Holiday reflections in the age of COVID-19

As the High Holidays approach and I reflect on the past year, I’m bombarded by thoughts of COVID-19.

Pandemics and racism


It felt like an impossible choice: what do I write about at this time? How can it be anything but the pandemic? But, too, how can I not write about the calls for racial justice? And then it all fell into place: these two issues are actually deeply connected, are both relevant to us as Jews.