Stay offline baby

The day I heard the word “Sharenthood” for the first time, I disabled my Instagram account.

Home visit

November 2021
Samantha Winemaker

I pull up to the house of a patient and family I am about to meet.  I often joke that as a home visiting palliative care physician, my car is my mobile office. Purposely, I only buy white cars because my arrival is often seen as an omen.  Black cars, espec…

Recalled to life

COVID-19 has made me and many of my generation not only careful but cautious. While young people have responded to the opening up of the city and the province with a joy super-charged by release from enforced isolation, folks like me are still holding back.

An inexplicable tale

Lillian knew without a doubt that she and been warned about her husband’s impending death, but no matter what she did, she could not change the course of destiny.

“Wine”ing About My Unorthodox Life

No matter our religious or spiritual background, we each have our own mix of flavours, values, traumas and opportunities that make us unique in who we are, how we live and how we relate to our faith and others.