My granddaughter the philosopher

There is Aristotle, as well as Plato and Confucius. And then there is my six-year-old granddaughter Lyla. She may not be an expert on all philosophical matters, but then again…

Why make art about suffering

Writer Ellen Jaffe on how artists shape what we see and feel.

The glory of Yiddish kishkes

We associate Yiddish with weepy, overfed milkmen who can’t control their families; not shtetl avengers machine-gunning Nazis.

Miracles and the chances of a lifetime

Are the outcomes of our lives, like the arc of a spinning Chanukah dreidel, governed by miracle or chance? If they are, my family landed on Gimmel.

Dutch city posthumously honours Jewish leader

On Oct. 24, the Dutch city of Den Bosch celebrated 75 years of liberation from the Nazis by honouring my grandfather, the musician and composer Simon Spiero, who had been the leader of the Jewish community.