A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

Many, many years before COVID-19 threw our world into turmoil, a young woman named Brownie and a young man named Sam rebelled against physical distancing guidelines.

It would have been enough already

This year was an uncanny Passover. Plagues? We know from plagues: we’re in the middle of a pandemic. And as we thought about the Jews’ vast migration, our leaving Egypt, we all were staying home, Zooming from the Seder table with our absent families.

The COVID food system

Agriculture in Canada adds over 100 billion dollars to the economy. Farmers, transporters, processors, and retailers are working every minute of every day to make sure the shelves are full. Let the last few months remind us of our past, and that food sovereignty it vital to a free nation.

Difficult days

We’re learning that grandparents can’t hug their grandkids, seniors are in lockdown facilities, community events, lifecycle celebrations and community gatherings are being cancelled, but we’re still looking for ways to get together. Because we need each other now more than ever.

What's in a name?

When our son David was born, we honoured not only my late uncle, but all the Davids in the family that came before him.