How do we understand hate?

Just before Yom Kippur, I had the unpleasant experience of explaining to my six-year-old why someone would write “no Jews” on the parking lot of the synagogue he prays at nearly every day.

Ha'Tikvah: a Jewish gift for hard times

Regardless of where you stand on the question of global warming, it is clear that the Jewish people know a thing or two about hope, even hope against all odds.

On aging with grace

I have learned from the muddled days of my youth. I am no longer trying to find myself. This is as good as it gets.

Hamilton's image problem

Here in the US, by necessity, I usually tell people I’m from “near Toronto.” But oh, how it pains me. “Near Toronto” is a suburban, amorphous blob. I’m from Hamilton, a city with its own personality, coliseum, and mountain.