You can't go home again

It’s now been almost two years since I’ve been back to Canada and seen my family: an unwanted personal record.

Honouring the memories of those we lost

Regardless of who you are or where you live, your life has been affected by COVID-19. Shalom Village is no different.

We are stronger than we think

Hamilton Jewish Family Services executive director Alexis Wenzowski says we're stronger than we think.

A wedding in the family

Feb. 2021
Phyllis Shragge

I debate my clothing options while my laptop waits for me. Normally, a Zoom get-together requires a decent-looking top—preferably one without stains—and some comfy leggings that no one can see, but this Zoom event will be more demanding.  This particular gathe…

Survival, at what cost?


Feb. 2021
Miriam Sager

The decisions about whom to vaccinate first remind me of a standard ethical dilemma that used to be thrown at us in my teens: you and a friend have enough water for just one of you to survive the desert hike. What do you do? It was a realistic example, as dehydration …