Difficult days

We’re learning that grandparents can’t hug their grandkids, seniors are in lockdown facilities, community events, lifecycle celebrations and community gatherings are being cancelled, but we’re still looking for ways to get together. Because we need each other now more than ever.

What's in a name?

When our son David was born, we honoured not only my late uncle, but all the Davids in the family that came before him.

Dealing with medical uncertainty

I was injured one dark October night. It wasn’t my fault. I blame an exterior wall for the mishap. True, I was walking and simultaneously writing a text, but the wall should have been paying more attention to its surroundings.

Using technology to enhance your seder

Since each generation has different technologies, and interests, it is incumbent on all parents and educators to renew and revive traditions for the new generation.

Adventures in Aramaic

Aramaic is not just a historical curiosity, and certainly not a dead language.