McMaster Jewish Students do not live in fear

An article published online was intentionally edited to alter the author’s point of view and mislead the reader

Teaching the Holocaust to young children

Feb. 2021
Dawn Martens

Last September, I was honoured to receive the 2020 Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Teaching. The award recognized me for directing my Buchanan Park Public School students in a production of Brundibar, a children’s opera written by Jewish Czech c…

In those days, at this time


At this time of year, as we celebrate our freedoms, let us consider what our government is still doing to those who have cared for the land which we inhabit.

Dancing in the rain

This has been a time of biblical-level tests and transitions. Those who are experts at dancing in the rain and making the best of the less-than-ideal, serve as a light in the darkness.

It was always about the kids

Young people are the key. Why not engage students directly in Holocaust education by creating an award to honour them?