On the threshold of a third intifada

Yossi Tanuri of Jewish Federations of Canada UIA believes Israel may be experiencing a third intifada.

A tale of three soldiers

Why the grandchildren of Hamilton's three iconic rabbis joined the IDF.

The world according to Mordechai Kedar

One of Israel’s leading experts on the Arab world, the senior lecturer at Bar Ilan University’s Department of Arabic was interviewed by the HJN last month ahead of a speaking engagement for lead donors sponsored by the Hamilton Jewish Federation.

Batia Phillips recalls her Palmach days

To those who know her, the image of a young and feisty Phillips fighting in pre-state Israel’s elite force by day and singing her heart out by a campfire by night, is easy to imagine.

A start-up for the Start-Up Nation

Israel is beginning to define itself and gain recognition as a nation of entrepreneurs, innovation and creative business.