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Sober, fact-based analysis of assertions called for

Ms Loewith Rochwerg has wonderful intentions and a beautiful outlook, but a sober, fact-based analysis of some of her assertions are called for.  We not only should but for the sake of all Jews, Israelis, Arabs and all those who cherish life, we must have a serious conversation.

Allow me t…

Assertions not justified by fact or evidence

I write regarding the recent curious letter to IJN with the curious title "We must not stifle those who question Israel's policies." I say "curious" because neither the assertion in the title nor any assertions in the letter are justified by fact or evidence.

The writer tells us of her lin…

Deeply angry at lack of empathy

Re: We must not stifle those who question Israel's policies

As a daughter of Holocaust survivors and born in a DP camp in Linz Austria  I made a promise to my father to defend Jews and Israel, I must express my deep anger at the writer's lack of empathy for her own people. Their suffering…

Opening the door to haters

Re: We must not stifle those who question Israel's policies

What bothers me most about the letter to the HJN from the young mother is that we who have been pushing back against antisemitism and anti-Israelism have heard all her points made before many times - but mainly from those who have…

She should take it up with Rashi

Re: We must not stifle those who question Israel's policies

In her letter to the editor, Ms. Rochwerg says that while growing up, she spent a lot of time at Hamilton's Temple Anshe Shalom. Unfortunately, while there, she obviously didn't internalize the belief that G-d gave the land of Isr…