A rabbi's retrospective

Rabbi Dan Selsberg, moving to the US after nine years as spiritual leader of Beth Jacob Synagogue, reflects on his tenure here and offers insights into the Hamilton Jewish community and how it can meet the challenges ahead.

Kehila faces an uncertain future

Directors voted to “provisionally” close the school at the end of the year “in consideration of the financial burden of operating another year.”

Reclaiming Zionism

Liberal Zionists choose hope over despair at the New Israel Fund of Canada (NIFC) annual symposium.

Anti-Israelism on Canadian campuses

“Jews fear campus nightmare,” screamed a Times of Israel headline this summer, after the University of Cape Town’s umbrella student organization adopted a proposal pushing for BDS measures against Israel for all student-run organizations and events. Closer to home, this August, the Ont…

The wait is over

by Joy Pekar, Special to the Hamilton Jewish News


I am so thrilled to be able to share this story with you of the greatest Mitzvah, the gift of life.  On February 20th my husband, Arie Pekar’s life was forever changed thanks to the generosity of good friend Darren Kudlats, who donate…