Richard Kemp addresses Hamilton Jewish community

British terrorism expert Richard Kemp spoke at the Sept. 13 launch of the United Jewish Appeal’s annual campaign, addressing Hamas's misinformation campaign against Israel.

Interview with Colonel Richard Kemp

A United Nations report on recent violent clashes along the Israel-Gaza border hasn’t been written yet, but international terrorism expert Richard Kemp already knows it will condemn Israel for defending its borders against armed hordes.

Staff changes at Beth Jacob

Elysa Keshen joins Beth Jacob Synagogue as Director of Innovation and Community Engagement. She will work alongside Einav Symons, Beth Jacob’s new Director of Education, to develop innovative programs and run synagogue operations.

A new direction for Kehila

Eighteen years after a group of parents founded Hamilton’s first pluralistic, unaffiliated Jewish day school, Kehila is taking on a new name as it deepens its connection with the philosophy of Abraham Joshua Heschel.